Universal Kick Mats (pair)

Heavy Duty Full Coverage Seat Back Protection

  • • Installs in 30 seconds
    • Full protection for the passenger and driver seat back
    • Provides protection agains liquid, mud & spills
    • Perfect protection for pets
    • Mesh pockets for storage
    • Adjustable – One size fits most

Product Description

For those of you that have kids in car seats, you know what it means to say “Please stop kicking my seat!”. Those muddy shoes or soccer cleats can do some real damage to the unprotected seat back if they go unchecked.

The all new universal kick mats by WEATHERSTOPPER™ are made from durable materials to ensure a snug fit and years of protection. Our kick mats install in seconds with the adjustable strap that fits nearly any seat. In addition to protection, these mats offer large, deep mesh pockets that keep books, snacks and mobile devices within reach and easily viewable.

In short, WEATHERSTOPPER™ kick mats are a layer of armor that protects your investment. These kick mats are sold in sets to protect both the driver and passenger seats.


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