Steering Wheel Cover – Grey

Maximum Protection, Safety and Comfort
• One size fits most applications
• Improves vehicle aesthetics
• Good protection against everyday wear and tear
• Adds extra grip for safety
• Insulates your hand from harsh temperatures
• Comfortable grip for long drives
• Protect your vehicle from heavy wear

Product Description

The new line of Steering Wheel Covers by WEATHERSTOPPER™ are sure to impress with its attractive modern styling and ease of use. Made of durable materials, these covers improve your grip on the steering wheel by thickening the diameter, making it easier to grip for any hand size. The soft pads provide a comfortable hand rest while the narrow leather ‘slots’ provide a sturdy gripping surface without getting in the way.

WEATHERSTOPPER™ Steering Wheel Covers provide added protection for your hands from the elements on extremely cold or hot days. The full coverage tight fitting cover encapsulates the outer surface of the factory wheel, protecting your investment against wear and adding an attractive sporty look. Available in three colors, one size fits most.


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